Friday, October 5, 2007

I was born to tell him I love him

Today, my precious baby boy got officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. More specifically Pervasive Developemental Disorder:Not Otherwise Specified with Sensory Intergration Disorder. I have heard the Doctors 'opinions' for months now, but today was the officially diagnosis.
After 2 hours at that appointment, we got in the, crying of course with the shock of this 'lifelong diagnosis' I turned on the radio and 'Beautiful Day' by U2 was on. Just then a train passed us and we followed it on the windy streets in the hills while my baby yelled "TRAIN!!" over and over. The sky was cloudy and it was sprinkly. It was beautiful.
As I sit here still crying, I am OK. It's not Full blown Autism, which I picture on the left side of the Spectrum. Its PDD:NOS which is somewhere in the middle. The doctors suspect it will turn into Aspergers when his speech develops. His IQ is 91 which is only one point above 'below average', but officially he is average. They also suspect this will go up dramatically, also leading to the Aspergers diagnosis because hes very smart.
I will give all of the details tommorrow, I need to go cuddle with my guys and process this all.

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Birdie said...

Hi Sweetie....

I happened to see Larry King Live the other night, and Jenny McCarthy who son was diagnosed with Autism was on....Holly Robinson Peete, whos son also has autism.
Video of the CNN interview:

They were on to talk about how they are fighting against there childrens autism, they are treating it, because it is curable, it can be reveresed. If you are interested here is a link to info Jenny has put out for the TACA foundation: