Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Carnivore that rides a bike leaves a bigger carbon footprint than a Vegan who drives a SUV, its a proven fact!

I am a Female...I have made MILK....I have had swollen, ENGORGED breasts...on the verge of infected Mastisis. I have had a son who I bonded with in less than the time it took for him to take his first breath or have his first cry. I can identify with a 'dairy' cow. A mama who is artificially inseminated 3 or more times a year since she was 1 year old...or raped...all to have her baby stolen from her within hours of birth. Despite what many think, Cows are very maternal, and cry for their babies long after they are gone. I have had a son...a boy baby. If I were a cow, my boy baby would be stolen from me, never to return...only to live a horribly torturous, miserable, short life, a byproduct of the veal industry...the same torture as the Mama Cow...the only thing worse than her horrible life as a dairy cow is her inhumane, unfathomably tortoruous slaughter. If I had a girl, she would still be stolen from me, and eventually after being raped and inseminated, year after year...suffer the same fate as I...having my throat slit open without pain killers, having my trachea ripped out, then being left to bleed to death which can take many many hours...and they are the lucky ones.
I can relate. I am a female, I make milk, I've had a babe. My heart aches for what the mama cows go through...unfathomable torture day in and day out..unspeakable matter how much denial most of this country is still is still a reality.

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Brooke said...

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I just got caught up on reading your blog. Thanks for all the posting, I like to hear what's going on in your life. :-) Good luck with the detoxing. It must be time, because I'm trying new stuff too. I'm now four weeks into the Gluten-Free Casein Free diet, it's the standard austism diet. I feel a lot better, I definitely needed this. I hope your improvements help you as well. I'm so excited to hear that we both started in the same direction at the same time. Ya sisters! I love you Kim. Have a great week. Love, Brooke